Minchin Monday and Inner Peace

Good morning, lovelies! It's been a weird few days. I've been working with my doctor on treating my attentional/impulse control issues, which is tricky because I also need to manage pretty strong anxiety. While stimulant medications work well for the ADD, they have the potential to exacerbate the anxiety. I've been on many different ADD … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Inner Peace

Gaelic Meditation and Halcion

Those two things will get me through. Gael does some real branching out into some genres of  ASMRtistry and audio that aren't quite my cup of tea, but his guided meditations and rambles are truly pleasant little distractions. I fall asleep listening to his readings of mythology, lyrics, and poetry, and guided tours and storytelling/banter sessions. … Continue reading Gaelic Meditation and Halcion

Minchin Monday and Leprosy

Well. It's day 26 of Chantix. Six days since I've had a cigarette. The cravings are becoming more manageable. And good thing. Because the Chantix, as of last weekend, has initiated a spate of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. It's painful. And unpleasant. And reminiscent of leprosy. And is the reason I'm going to have to stop … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Leprosy

Game of Thrones and Beds of Nails

I started watching Game of Thrones. Basically I can't not be in on the jokes, memes, and associated conversation when a thing is popular. I did not expect to like it. The descent went something like this: Season one episode one: this is complicated but intriguing. I doubt I'll hang in for the whole season … Continue reading Game of Thrones and Beds of Nails

Bedtime Stories and Suicidal Ideation

I read to my kids every night. Every single night. I can't remember the last time they went to bed without me reading them a book. Normally, we read things like The Missing Piece, by Shel Silverstein. Or Six Dinner Sid, by Inga Moore. The Mysterious Tadpole, by Steven Kellogg, and Elbert's Bad Word, by … Continue reading Bedtime Stories and Suicidal Ideation