Christmas Parades and Santa Anxiety

We were in the Christmas parade last night. Me and the girls. My cousin owns a salon and she entered her and her stylists as a unit. She and her girls and my girls were elves.  I drove their sleigh. Which was a purple Jeep decked out in Christmas lights.  Peep dis. So much fun.  … Continue reading Christmas Parades and Santa Anxiety

Sailor J and F*** Naw, Homie

Like how I censored that title so that the children looking at this blog's Facebook page wouldn't learn anything unpleasant? Yeah, me neither. I just get really really excited these days when the little YouTube notification pops up on my phone's second screen and then Chris Hansen says "I want to wrestle freakin' bad" … Continue reading Sailor J and F*** Naw, Homie

Minchin Tuesday and What You Like About You

Harper told me today that all the kids at daycare played with June and not with her, and that it was because she didn't have her nails painted like June.  Probably, the other kids played with her but she felt bad about her plain nails. I surmise that this is the case, because she said … Continue reading Minchin Tuesday and What You Like About You

Minchin Monday and Inner Peace

Good morning, lovelies! It's been a weird few days. I've been working with my doctor on treating my attentional/impulse control issues, which is tricky because I also need to manage pretty strong anxiety. While stimulant medications work well for the ADD, they have the potential to exacerbate the anxiety. I've been on many different ADD … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Inner Peace