Minchin Monday and Inner Peace

Good morning, lovelies! It's been a weird few days. I've been working with my doctor on treating my attentional/impulse control issues, which is tricky because I also need to manage pretty strong anxiety. While stimulant medications work well for the ADD, they have the potential to exacerbate the anxiety. I've been on many different ADD … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Inner Peace

“What’s Your Intention?” A Guest Post by Pete Pitts

I asked Pete Pitts to say a few words about the theme I chose to focus on with this month's columns and blogs. The theme was "Intention." Being "on purpose," if you will. So without further ado, here's Pete! I didn’t plan on my life turning out this way, originally. I have been surprised and … Continue reading “What’s Your Intention?” A Guest Post by Pete Pitts

Minchin Monday and Leprosy

Well. It's day 26 of Chantix. Six days since I've had a cigarette. The cravings are becoming more manageable. And good thing. Because the Chantix, as of last weekend, has initiated a spate of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. It's painful. And unpleasant. And reminiscent of leprosy. And is the reason I'm going to have to stop … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Leprosy