Hospice and Volunteers

So. That story about Ellen Paquette and her harp of awesomeness - which is named Oleander, by the way - spawned a series. Stories of the many hospice volunteers who also do cool shit. It really is amazing that volunteers provide the majority of services at Hospice of Warren County. What's so very cool about … Continue reading Hospice and Volunteers

Marches and (Local) Marchers

This is an 80 inch story that ran uncut. Eighty inches is...date I say it...'uge. As a certain Gropenfuhrer might say. What's funny is that were well known for our conservative right canned editorials. And people actually called to ask whether we will be covering the March for Life that's going on. John wrote back and … Continue reading Marches and (Local) Marchers

Minchin Monday and Catalytic Converters

Facebook is a War Zone. People are exhausted and grouchy no matter which side of the political sphere they're on. I'm trying to simply compile the words of men and women who marched around the world because I feel it's important to cover. It's important to give coherence to what seems to opponents like just … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Catalytic Converters

“What’s Your Intention?” A Guest Post by Pete Pitts

I asked Pete Pitts to say a few words about the theme I chose to focus on with this month's columns and blogs. The theme was "Intention." Being "on purpose," if you will. So without further ado, here's Pete! I didn’t plan on my life turning out this way, originally. I have been surprised and … Continue reading “What’s Your Intention?” A Guest Post by Pete Pitts