Minchin Monday and Mystery Spots

So. Strange Kinzua. I need to make it really clear that I'm neither endorsing the validity of the stories on the Strange Kinzua Facebook page nor am I debunking them. I'm merely taking the locations given and visiting them. And probably revisiting them. And taking pictures. And writing unbiased experience reports. I'm not trying to … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Mystery Spots

Indian Dancers, Cute Babies, and Drift Trikes

Last night, I got to ride a drift trike. What's a drift trike, you ask? It's the most badass toy ever. Read about it here. Look at it here: Today, the Fourth of July celebration continues in Warren, with all the stuff from yesterday, plus the Allegany River Indian Dancers and the Cutest Baby contest. … Continue reading Indian Dancers, Cute Babies, and Drift Trikes