Minchin Monday and Good (Banned) Books

Well hello, kiddies. It's been a while since I've honored Minchin Monday. Partly, it's time. I'm busy. Partly, it's because Minchin only has so much to give us. But mostly, it's that I'm lazy. I could find some way to apply Minchin to life every single week. I'm slacking. And I'm not entirely sorry. This … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Good (Banned) Books

Minchin Monday and Puppy Love

The first week of school was every bit as glorious as I anticipated. Although I'm a sick, sick person and haven't taken advantage of my one hour of free post-bus time. I've just gotten ready with the girls and gone to work a half hour earlier than my usual hour early. Something's very, very wrong … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Puppy Love

Minchin Monday and Gloriousness

School starts tomorrow! In honor of the first day of school I'm conjuring Minchin's work on the musical Matilda.  Observe. https://youtu.be/JiRYOmG2-tQ My columns this month will be devoted to school. I loved school except for the social aspect. But when it comes to nerding it up and knowledge and wisdom and reading and all the things I'm … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Gloriousness

James Breakwell and the End of the World

  I got a good tip from a dear friend that James Breakwell wrote a book. I don't know a lot of things that most people know because I tend to spend a lot of time parenting and just generally lamenting the freedom and capricious abandon with which I cluelessly lived my life before having … Continue reading James Breakwell and the End of the World

Minchin Monday (on Tuesday) and Bomb Planes

So, I have two big pieces of news today. First of all, the Warren County Children's Advocacy Center is opening up at the end of this month/beginning of August and I could not be more stoked. When I interviewed for this job at the paper I answered the obligatory "where will you be in five … Continue reading Minchin Monday (on Tuesday) and Bomb Planes