Gaelic Meditation and Halcion

Those two things will get me through. Gael does some real branching out into some genres of  ASMRtistry and audio that aren't quite my cup of tea, but his guided meditations and rambles are truly pleasant little distractions. I fall asleep listening to his readings of mythology, lyrics, and poetry, and guided tours and storytelling/banter sessions. … Continue reading Gaelic Meditation and Halcion

“What’s Your Intention?” A Guest Post by Pete Pitts

I asked Pete Pitts to say a few words about the theme I chose to focus on with this month's columns and blogs. The theme was "Intention." Being "on purpose," if you will. So without further ado, here's Pete! I didn’t plan on my life turning out this way, originally. I have been surprised and … Continue reading “What’s Your Intention?” A Guest Post by Pete Pitts