Bipolar Fronts and Thunder Grumbles

What's everyone's weather today? It was seventy (21c) and sunny on Wednesday. Yesterday it turned rainy, steel gray, and vibrantly, grumblingly moody.  It was perfect. Sixty-three (17) , that weird electric charge hanging heavy in the air, but without the sweaty weight of mid-summer humidity. Grass shock green against the black, wet soil where garden … Continue reading Bipolar Fronts and Thunder Grumbles

Hospice and Volunteers

So. That story about Ellen Paquette and her harp of awesomeness - which is named Oleander, by the way - spawned a series. Stories of the many hospice volunteers who also do cool shit. It really is amazing that volunteers provide the majority of services at Hospice of Warren County. What's so very cool about … Continue reading Hospice and Volunteers