Olivia Gatwood and Charming Old Dickbags

Today's column is out. I noticed someone had left a comment at the bottom of the page this afternoon.  I'm no fool. I realize that my surly sense of irreverent and pitch black humor is not everyone's cup of tea. So it's always a fun game to play, taking bets with myself over whether it will be … Continue reading Olivia Gatwood and Charming Old Dickbags

Existential Exhaustion and My Publisher

The WTO Publisher, Bob Patchen, posted this on Facebook yesterday. But his pants are so very fancy and he has Facebook set to not let people share his stuff. So I had to ask him if I could copy and paste it. Fancy fancy fancy. He said yes. I'm lucky he tolerates me. Haha. Poor … Continue reading Existential Exhaustion and My Publisher

Christmas Parades and Santa Anxiety

We were in the Christmas parade last night. Me and the girls. My cousin owns a salon and she entered her and her stylists as a unit. She and her girls and my girls were elves.  I drove their sleigh. Which was a purple Jeep decked out in Christmas lights.  Peep dis. So much fun.  … Continue reading Christmas Parades and Santa Anxiety

Columns and Colosseums

This is today's column. But I've gone through and changed a few things around. Word choices. Sentence structures. Only slightly developed thoughts or premises. The changes aren't great in terms of volume or significance. But they're enough to warrant posting the revision rather than the link. Black Friday is bullshit. That's my final answer. I … Continue reading Columns and Colosseums